Renter Eviction History Report

Renter eviction history report

Selecting the right tenant requires you to predict if the renter can and will pay the rent. provides eviction history reports gathered from public landlord and tenant court records. This information can help you avoid applicants that have failed to pay their rent or been evicted so you can select the applicant who is most likely to fulfill the lease.

This extensive tenant eviction information is not typically available from credit reports, yet has proven to be a leading indicator of future rent payment behavior. Our eviction history report accesses court records from across the country and uses identity check & search logic to improve the quality of information you receive.

Easy-to-read eviction report

You can access landlord court records for an applicant using this report. The eviction history report includes:

  • Tenant Social Security Number Alert – Notifies you of potential issues with an applicant’s SSN.
  • Tenant Inquiries – Indicates if the applicant has applied for housing within our national network
  • Eviction court records on file including:
    • Tenant Judgment for possession and money
    • Unlawful detainers
    • Tenant Judgments for rent
    • Failure to pay rent
    • Writs and warrants of eviction